Family Therapy


Adoption Issues

Adoption and foster care can lead to beneficial outcomes for many children and families. Individuals experiencing issues related to adoption could be feeling a sense of anxiety and/or depression. They may also experience symptoms of stress and trauma due to unforeseen circumstances from the foster care system. These can be brought about due to problematic placements, and/or neglectful or abusive foster parents or siblings. Even under positive circumstances children may have conflicted feelings about abandonment. All of these issues can be discussed and treated through talk therapy with a therapist.


Blended Family Issues

Blended family issues can arise when two parents get married and bring their children from previous relationships into the household. Issues may consist of sibling rivalries, lack of attention, step-parenting, and a feeling of two separate families. A therapist will help you create a family structure as well as a set of household rules with the consideration of everyone’s needs & wants. A therapist will help you understand the situation to transition it into a beneficial and healthy family.


Cultural / Ethnic

A therapist focusing on cultural issues will follow guidelines for working with a diverse population. The therapist understands that racial, cultural, religious, gender, and sexual beliefs can have an impact on an individuals behavior. The therapist will discuss with the individual the necessary steps needed to progress and improve despite the cultural differences and boundaries. A culturally knowledgable therapist can effectively communicate and interact positively with individuals from various backgrounds.


Family Counseling

Family therapy can be beneficial when families are experiencing stressful events that are causing conflicts amongst relationships of the family. Some examples are financial hardship, divorce, terminal illness of a family member, or even death of a loved one. Family therapy can also be beneficial for treating concerns that impact the family including behavior issues with children & adolescents, chronic illness, communication problems, depression, or substance abuse of an individual. The therapist will target for a mutual understanding amongst family members to help with treating and solving concerns of one or more individuals of the family.



Therapy specific to parenting will help provide the necessary knowledge, guidance, and support to parents without bias or judgment. This is an important quality to adopt as it allows parents to become fully prepared to raise their children. Parents face many challenges and responsibilities thus talk therapy can be an effective method in helping an individual(s) sort out concerns they may have. Parents usually experience some of the same responsibilities including:

  • Raising good children who can contribute to society.
  • Providing a loving, caring, and supportive home.
  • Meeting the needs of their children including food, healthcare, home, and school.
  • Taking care of their spouses.
  • Providing their families with a comfortable and safe life.

Parents feel the obligation to do all of these while still trying to meet their own needs and aspirations. This can make it challenging when needing to deal with their own personal concerns. Therapy will help parents sort out their own personal issues along with grasp an understanding of their parenting style.

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