What Therapeutic Services do we Offer?

Apex Counseling Services offers you the very best in Therapeutic Services. We will connect you with a specialist that will guide you towards your ultimate in well-being. Your situation is unique. We want you to feel comfortable while receiving the best therapy.

Adult Therapy

Adult therapy is intended for adults to improve their personal well-being, emotionally and behaviorally, as well as improve relationship functioning.


We are here to help individuals, couples, and families improve their relationships. Individuals can meet with a therapist individually or jointly.

Children and Adolescents

Therapy that is focused on the psychological needs of children. Our therapists are specifically trained to help children process and cope with their emotions.

Family Therapy

Our therapists can meet with an individual or the family as a whole to help improve communication and resolve ongoing family and/or individual conflicts effecting the family.

Sexuality Therapy

Sex therapy allows individuals to discuss any issues/concerns related to sexual function, sexual feelings and intimacy. This can be discussed in an individual or couples setting.